Denjean & Associés - Carrières - FAQs
1. Which type of jobs will I be proposed?
You will be assigned on several clients from large international groups to family-owned companies, operating in various businesses.

2. How are the teams organized?
For each client, a team is comprised of a partner, a manager, a senior and one or more juniors.

3. What is the possibility of career progression?
Regular promotions are given to competent employees, devoted to long term career progression with the goal of partnership.
4. What will be my salary?
You will start with a salary of circa Euros 30 000.00 which will increase every year depending on your performance. You will enjoy the benefits of the company’s profit sharing scheme.

5. Is there a private health insurance?
All the employees enjoy the benefits of a private health insurance and a life insurance scheme.

6. How are the English lessons organized?
You regularly attend group or “à la carte” seminars depending on your needs.

7. Does the company provide lunch tickets (“Tickets Restaurant”)?
Recruitment process, organization of jobs, development of competences, team work … Have you got a question?