Denjean & Associés - Audit comptable & financier
Accounting and financial audit
You are looking for a legal auditor combining professionalism, proximity and added value?
  • We created a dedicated service line to answer the specific needs related to the French legal audit requirements.
  • Our team applies professional standards in a pragmatic manner focusing on the key risks of your business.
  • We believe in a value-added approach to our audit providing pragmatic recommendations to improve your business processes and financial control environment.
You wish to talk to experts.
  • We have a proven expertise in audit, accounting services and consulting in the real estate, banking, insurance & technology service sectors.
  • We are recognized as auditors by the ACP (“Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel”).
  • As an internationally focused firm we specialize in the audit of French subsidiaries of foreign groups.
  • Our firm is registered with the PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board).  As an accredited firm, we are therefore authorized to audit the  French subsidiaries of US listed companies or audit French companies listed in the stock exchanges of the United States of America  ( NYSE, NASDAQ)
You want to carry out a restructuring or a transformation operation?
  • We can perform the specific legal audits required for restructuring operations in France known as “Commissariat aux Apports et à la fusion”: required for spin-off, contribution in kind, merger, and demerger.
  • We also perform specific audit in case of a company transformation (“Commissariat à la transformation”, “Commissariat aux avantages particuliers”).
  • Our valuation expertise ensures that these specific engagements are performed in a pragmatic manner.