Denjean & Associés - Opérations de marché
Market operations
You consider listing your company on the stock exchange or launching a public operation (stock buy-back, withdrawal, issuance of bonds, …).?
  • We perform a full assessment of the current situation: exhaustive list of information to be produced and of available data, publication deadlines for financial information and typology of existing information and the information to be published.
  • We prepare a maturity analysis for mechanisms in place and an approach for the preparation of the production of the new information.
  • We assist you in drafting the requested accounting and financial information.
  • We draft together with you the notes for the presentation of the governance organization and of the internal control; we assist you in preparing the President’s report.
You want to issue a financial instrument or you consider renegotiating you debts with banking covenants clauses.
  • We assist you with the technical definition of the aggregates used for the calculation of the covenants, as per the specificities of your accounting standards.
  • We organize and automate the periodic calculation of ratios.
  • We help you put in place the techniques to monitor banking ratios.