Denjean & Associés - Votre formation
Your training
We provide continuous training adapted to the needs of each person
Training courses are proposed throughout your professional life, based on your needs and on our projects’ requirements.

New comers
You will be trained for using our tools and familiarized with our work environment (first steps with our internal management tools; follow-up of your personal file, allocation of clients files, test of English, …).

English lessons
An in-house teacher delivers a weekly English lesson during your first 3 years. Experienced people have a personalized follow-up by the Linguaphone training agency.
External seminars
Based on specific needs or on hot topics, training courses given by external speakers are delivered every year.

Internal seminars
Sectorial seminars are organized every year internally, along with tax and technical updates. Additionally, a training focused on practical aspects of consolidation is given to our employees.

Professional diplomas
Our company facilitates the preparation work for the French Chartered accountant diploma. We finance 8 days of training every year for the trainee chartered accountants as well as related days off.

Seminars for enhancing professional skills
Depending on the needs, specific training courses are scheduled for the managers.

“A focus on the permanent development of your competences for the enhancement of your career and the quality of service to our clients”